Almost Overnights

With our Almost Overnights service, we go beyond traditional pet sitting to provide three dedicated visits tailored to your pet’s needs. Our visits include a half-hour visit in the early morning, a midday visit, and a nighttime visit, each packed with fun activities, nourishment, and personalized care.

During the early morning visit, our experienced and compassionate pet sitter will arrive bright and early to greet your pets and start their day off right. They’ll engage in playtime, take your pet for a refreshing walk, and provide a delicious meal to fuel their energy.

At the midday visit, we’ll make sure your pets receive a much-needed break in their day. Our caring sitters will check in on them, offer companionship, and engage in interactive play to keep them entertained. If required, we’ll provide another nutritious meal and ensure they get a short walk or potty break to stretch their legs.

As the sun sets, our pet sitters will return for the nighttime visit. We understand the importance of a calm and secure environment for your pets before bedtime. Our sitters will spend quality time with your pets, offering comfort and companionship. They’ll provide a final meal, administer any necessary medications, and ensure your pets are ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition to exceptional pet care, our Almost Overnights service includes basic vacation maintenance to make your time away stress-free. Our dedicated sitters will bring in the mail, take care of trash cans by moving them to and from the street, and even water your plants to keep them healthy.

We prioritize the safety, happiness, and well-being of your pets. Our network consists of professional and thoroughly vetted pet sitters who are passionate about providing top-notch care. You can trust us to create a tailored experience for your pets, ensuring they receive the love, attention, and exercise they need while you’re away.

Our Almost Overnights are $95 and include an early morning visit, midday drop-in, and an hour evening visit. Contact Pet and Purr today to schedule an Almost Overnights service, and rest assured that your beloved pets are in capable and caring hands.

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