Cats & Critters

We understand that cats and small pets have their own unique needs and personalities, and we’re here to provide tailored care that suits their individual preferences.

While cats may not demand the same level of attention as their canine counterparts, they still crave love and cuddles. Our experienced sitters are well-versed in handling a variety of cat personalities, from the cuddly and playful to the shy, prissy, and skeptical. We take the time to understand your cat’s unique traits and provide personalized care that meets their specific needs. If your cat requires special attention, such as administering medication orally or through subcutaneous injections, our skilled sitters are trained to accommodate those needs with care and precision.

Our daily cat visits are designed to accommodate your busy schedule or when you’re away for the night or longer. Our caring sitters will ensure your cat receives fresh water and food, clean litter boxes, and, most importantly, the attention they desire. Whether your cat prefers cuddles or playtime, we’ll cater to their preferences and provide the companionship they need to feel loved and content. Additionally, if you require it, we can retrieve your mail and newspaper to maintain the appearance of an occupied home.

While we recommend a minimum of one visit per day, two visits ensure that your cat’s feeding schedules and socialization mirror their routine when you’re at home, promoting their well-being and comfort. Our 20 minute cat and critter care is $20 for 20 minutes. Contact us today to discuss your cat’s specific needs, schedule a consultation, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your feline companion is in capable and caring hands.

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